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250 Words

by Tilton on December 31, 2012

There is something about trying to pivot after one major project into the next endeavor that forces a person to reexamine their own process and workflow. Some people will apologize to the imagine others for a lack of progress or communication. It is the easiest method to create a clean break and start fresh. Others will try to muscle on and not address any breaks in the system. This is a way of not dealing with the obvious disconnects of time, content and/or thoughts that can occur between the phases of the work. My goal is not to simply force work on a page that doesn’t fit or do a reflective exercise but rather pivot and adjust as needed.

It seems that the basic block that I use in my writing is 250 words. I was taught a long time ago that 250 words would fit a page if the person was writing on a standard page of notebook paper or typing using APA standards. I don’t think those facts are true, but they represent a great breaking point in my own organized thoughts. 250 words is enough time when talking at a normal pace to talk for about 3 minutes. For me, it’s about 90 seconds. Finally, I like 250 words because it’s a goal that can be reached everyday. That seems like a good place to start for the new year and focus of future writing, which I hope is at least three times per week using this idea.

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