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Carrots & Broccoli

by admin on May 3, 2016

One of the various ways that I tried avoiding writing in grad school was to work on Pyramid games. Pyramid games are those games that use my friend Andy Looney’s pieces and designs as the foundation for all sorts of abstract and complex games. An early lesson I got from this practice was that developing new games is tough. I wasn’t very good at it early on, even though I try to incorporate the elements of game design in one of the classes I taught at Ohio University. Towards the end of grad school, I found a design that was in the “Goldilocks” zone. It was a good balance of complexity, narrative, depth, clarity, drama, and decisiveness. “Carrots & Broccoli” is that game.

The Looneys are Kickstarting an anthology of games that use their pieces. “Pyramid Arcade” is less than 36 hours from becoming a funded project and I decided to reformat the rules to fit the new “Pyramid” aesthetics.


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