My experience with computers began in 1985 as I learned the beauty of Logo on a Packard Bell computer at the vocation school and the ability of a turtle to move through an electronic field by giving the turtle directions. I’ve enjoyed writing programs for computers in BASIC, simple JAVA and ActionScript for years. The connection to the world of cyberstudies came from my first experience on a bulletin board system (BBS) during my middle school years. I got to see virtual interactions on a textual level. Little did I know that I would be studying those interactions for my doctorate later in life.

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Theorizing the Web 2016: Friday Afternoon Breakdown

2016 April 15
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One of the reasons I tend to return to the Theorizing the Web conference is that it represents this cool hybrid between an academic conference, a performative space, a professional development hangout, & a grad/undergrad research workshop. It has the trappings of the traditional conference with semi-structured panels and experts in various areas discussing the […]

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SxSW 2016

2015 July 26
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This is where my SxSW 2016 panels will be hosted.

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Facebook as a Student Development Tool

2014 June 10
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Facebook is one of the more popular online social networks that took advantage of the computer-mediated communication (CMC) services such as instant messaging, forums and direct messaging with publication services such as blogging and sharing of content to form a service that connected the members within the system to each other. This ability to connect […]

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