“You know what your trouble is? You’re the kind who always reads the handbook. Anything people build, any kind of technology, it’s going to have some specific purpose. It’s for doing something that somebody already understands. But if it’s new technology, it’ll open areas nobody’s ever thought of before. You read the manual, man, and you won’t play around with it, not the same way. And you get all funny when somebody else uses it to do something you never thought of.”

~William Gibson “The Winter Market”

Writing from the iPad

2012 January 15
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Note: this entry is a response to a series of emails that were posted on the Association of Internet Researcher’s maillist regarding the ability of an iPad to be a device for writers. I’m normally considered an early adopter of technology. I love being on the “cutting edge.” My first “portable computer” was a Psion […]

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A quick look at Google Plus

2011 July 03
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Thanks to one of my good friends, I have had a chance to review the newest online social network service by Google called Google Plus. For the most part, I have enjoyed the simple way the Google Plus allows users to organize and maintain conversation. I have posted a partial review on the Center for […]

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