Ready? Set? Stop!

“That’s right, stop: before we can begin, first we stop. Before quietness can begin, first busyness must stop. Before relaxation can begin, first tension must stop. Before happiness can begin, first the roots of unhappiness must be seen. Today’s Crazy Dog Activity is a simple sitting meditation.”

~Brian Browne Walker “Crazy Dog Guide to Lifetime Happiness.”

250 Words

2012 December 31
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There is something about trying to pivot after one major project into the next endeavor that forces a person to reexamine their own process and workflow. Some people will apologize to the imagine others for a lack of progress or communication. It is the easiest method to create a clean break and start fresh. Others […]

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2012 March 29
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Since Merlin Mann wanted something to appear when they Google “sextodecimestrial,” I figured the least I could do was help. During the 16 months that I have been planning and organizing this website, I haven’t really taken the time to review the work I’ve done. That’s all.   Yes, I feel better after this and all […]

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I’ve been thinking a lot about soccer lately…*

2011 September 16
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I had the chance to finally catch my first Columbus Crew. The fact that I never attend a professional soccer match before Wednesday was a little weird. I played soccer in Junior High. It was one of my favorite sports at camp. Hell, I was a licensed OHSAA Soccer referee for three years. So, when I […]

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