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Live from Muskingum

by Tilton on June 18, 2011

It’s been more than a decade since I’ve been in front of a microphone at a radio station. So when WMCO asked me to come back for their 50th anniversary, I was happy to do so. The station put together a radio drama to celebrate the occasion and I was invited to play the role of the monkey. I managed to portray a convincing monkey thanks to my theatrical training. There were about a dozen other alumnus on the stage and the alumni represented the diverse history of the station. The radio drama was especially amazing because it was held in Brown Chapel at Muskingum. Brown Chapel is a strong wood church that just of the quad of Muskingum. The smell of the wood really filled the pews and the center of the church.

The radio drama was wonderful. The performance lasted thirty minutes and was broadcasted live over WMCO. Despite only having two hours to prepare, everyone did an outstanding job with the lines and their performances. I’m hoping to have a copy of the performance soon so I can post it.

Since the 50th anniversary was occurring during Alumni weekend, they invited some of the former D.J.s from the station to come back and do a one hour air shaft. So after the radio drama was done, I ran across the quad and put together a radio show as quickly as I could. The new Caldwell Hall Studio is beautiful. I was a little jealous because when I was D.J.-ing as a student, we had an obstructed view of the quad. Today, the D.J.s can look over some of the scenery of the campus. The format was a mix of eighty (because those were the C.D.s that were out) & today (because I could you the playlist from my iPad).

Overall, it was a wonderful experience and I have a great time pretending I was still a morning D.J. At WMCO.

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