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SxSW 2012 Panel Proposal

by Tilton on August 16, 2011

The SxSW 2012 Panelpicker has finally opened up and our panel is listed. The battleplan for our panel “Festivals in the Age of Instant Access” will be to answer these questions in the first half of the panel:

How do presenters communicate with connected conference community?
How do attendees transition information from the conference to their home?
How do fans present identity within fan culture?
What is the role of conferences in the transmission of new information?
What can SxSWi learn from the fans of the Rolling Stones?

The second half of the panel will be a discussion with the audience to discuss possible solutions and points related to the disconnect between the “dissemination of information from the conference floor to the real world.”  Hopefully, one of the products that comes out of this panel is a good discussion about the future of conferences in general, not just SxSW. We will attempt to describe some ideas that may prove to be beneficial to the planning of SxSW in the future and other conferences and public forums in the near future. The link to the panel is here at Please read it and vote for it. I will put updates on this site related to this panel later.

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